2020/07/09 NVIS MIL-STD-3009 Compatible Screen Now is Available on Winmate has Military-Grade Products
2020/07/02 Winmate Unveils 32-inch PT Series Custom Touchscreen Display Solutions
2020/06/30 Winmate 15.6-inch Healthcare Multi-touch Display for Diagnosis and Clinical Review
2020/06/25 High-Resolution Imaging with Winmate's Healthcare Display Series
2020/06/23 Future-Proofing Healthcare IoT with Winmate's Technologies
2020/06/18 Winmate: Top 10 Oil and Gas Tech Solution Providers 2020
2020/06/11 How the IoT is Improving Transportation and Logistics with Winmate Solutions
2020/06/04 COVID-19 Health Monitoring Solution for Businesses and Public Places
2020/05/28 A Closer View of Winmate's New M133WK Ultra Rugged Tablet
2020/05/21 Winmate Extends HMI Panel PC Product Line with Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200
2020/05/14 High Resolution Imaging with Winmate's Healthcare Display Series
2020/05/07 Fighting COVID-19 with Winmate M101P-ME Healthcare Tablet
2020/04/30 How to Clean the Touchscreen during the COVID-19 Outbreak
2020/04/23 New Winmate M133WK 13.3-inch Ultra Rugged Tablet for Demanding Applications
2020/04/16 Winmate Awarded Innovative Global Rugged Mobile Technology Developer – 2019
2020/04/09 Winmate Unleashes the New Military-Grade Ultra Rugged Tablets
2020/04/02 Future Proofing Healthcare IoT with Winmate's Technologies
2020/03/26 Winmate's Stainless Multi-Touch Panels Improve User Experience on Food Processing Equipment
2020/03/19 Winmate Unveils IBDRW100-P and IBDRW100-EX-P DIN Rail Box PC with Intel® Pentium® N4200 Processor
2020/03/12 Winmate FM10Q Vehicle Mounted Computer Now with Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 660 CPU
2020/03/05 Winmate Announces Distribution Partnership with JLT Mobile Computers
2020/02/27 Winmate Launches M116 Series 11.6” Windows Rugged Tablets
2020/02/20 Winmate’s Stainless Product Series Upgraded to SUS316/ AISI316
2020/02/11 Winmate to Showcase IoT Edge Computing and Enterprise Mobility Solutions at MODEX 2020
2020/02/06 Winmate Releases Stainless B Series with Push Buttons Panel PC and Display
2020/02/04 Winmate GS Series Full IP65 Heavy Duty Panel PC and Display
2020/01/31 Winmate M900P 8” Rugged Tablet- A True Transportation and In-Vehicle Based Solution
2020/01/22 Winmate to Showcase at Embedded World 2020
2020/01/16 Winmate Unveils 7” Rugged Arm-Based Tablet M700DQ8 with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Processor
2020/01/09 Winmate Offers GC Series G-WIN Heavy Duty Panel PC and Display
2020/01/02 Winmate Collaborates with Microsoft to Accelerate IoT Deployment
2019/12/05 Winmate IoT Gateway EACFA20 is Microsoft Azure IoT Certified
2019/11/28 Winmate S Series Welcomes New Panel PCs and Display with All-Around LED Light Bar
2019/11/26 Winmate Success Story: S Series HMI for Smart Meeting Room Management
2019/11/19 Winmate to Co-exhibit with TL Electronic at SPS 2019
2019/11/12 Winmate Success Story: FM10A VMC for Urban Waste Collection
2019/10/24 Winmate to Showcase Rugged Computing for Enterprise Mobility at 2019 MES Expo
2019/10/10 Winmate’s High Performance Panel PC and HMI Terminals
2019/10/08 Winmate Extends PT-Series HMI with New Panel PC and Displays
2019/10/03 Winmate Adds New Panel PCs and Displays to Its GC-Series
2019/09/26 Winmate’s M900P Rugged Tablet for Enterprise Mobility Solutions
2019/09/24 FM10Q Vehicle Mounted Computer-Winmate’s Rugged Mobile Computing Technology
2019/09/12 Winmate’s HMI Solution for Smart Factories
2019/09/05 Winmate Unveils IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe in Panel PC and Display Options
2019/09/03 Winmate M133K Rugged Tablet on Rugged PC Review
2019/08/27 Winmate to Sponsor Buckeye Mountain’s Exhibition at IANA Intermodal Expo 2019
2019/08/22 Winmate’s Display Solutions for Mission-Critical Environments
2019/08/15 Winmate to Showcase Rugged Computing for Industrial Automation at 2019 IAS-CIIF
2019/08/08 Winmate Success Story: The Enterprise Mobility Solution Delivered by M700DM8 Rugged Tablet
2019/08/01 Winmate Listed as Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider in 2019
2019/07/26 Winmate Releases IB70 and IK70 P-Cap Open Frame Panel PC Series
2019/07/16 New Video Release : M101S Rugged Tablet Product Guide
2019/07/12 Winmate Success Story: M133K Rugged Tablet to Enhance Mobility and Productivity for Vehicle Diagnostics
2019/07/04 Winmate Success Story: IP69K Stainless Steel Panel PC with Waterproof Conduit for Food Production
2019/07/01 Winmate FM10 VMC with New-Gen Sierra Wireless Global WWAN MC7455 receives Verizon Certification
2019/06/27 Winmate Refreshes GC-Series G-Win Heavy Duty Computers with New Android Arm-based CPU
2019/06/14 Computex 2019 Recap
2019/06/13 Winmate Updates PT-Series HMI Panel PCs with New Android Arm-based CPU
2019/06/06 Winmate Success Story : Operator Control HMI for Oil Drilling Rig
2019/05/30 Winmate updates 7-inch vehicle mounted computer options with Android arm-based FM07A
2019/05/23 Winmate’s M101M8 Rugged Android Tablet is SOTI MobiControl Certified
2019/05/14 Winmate’s Ultra-rugged Tablets Updated with 7th Gen. Intel Core i5 Processor
2019/05/09 Winmate Industrial IoT Solutions for Smart Manufacturing
2019/05/07 Winmate’s Cost-Effective, Arm-based Industrial IoT Gateway EACFA20
2019/05/02 Computex Taipei 2019 Invitation
2019/04/30 Winmate – Certified Technology for Healthcare Operations
2019/04/30 Winmate IP69K Flat P-Cap Stainless Panel PC for Food Processing Industries
2019/04/25 S-Series HMI Updated with New Arm-based CPU and Android OS
2019/04/23 Winmate IoT Gateways are Microsoft Azure IoT & AWS IoT Greengrass Certified
2019/04/18 M270TF-SDI and M320TF-SDI 4K UHD Medical Displays now available with 12G-SDI support 
2019/04/15 Winmate to Sponsor Buckeye Mountain’s Intermodal Tech Forum
2019/04/12 M900P - New 8-inch Rugged Tablet Crafted for Lightweight Mobility
2019/04/09 Winmate products for Warehouse and Logistics
2019/03/28 FM10Q – New Qualcomm-based Android Vehicle Mounted Computer
2019/03/22 Winmate Vehicle Mounted Computer Series
2019/03/14 M133K – updated 13.3-inch Rugged Tablet with 7th Gen Intel Core Processor
2019/03/07 ProMat 2019 Invitation
2019/03/06 Winmate Healthcare Solutions
2019/02/28 Winmate USB Type-C Solution on Rugged PC Review
2019/02/21 Winmate's Cost-Effective EL-Series Industrial HMI
2019/02/13 Winmate Compact 7-inch Vehicle-Mounted Computer - FM07
2019/02/05 Winmate IP69K Stainless Panel PC and Display Technology
2019/02/01 Winmate M101PR now available with Resistive Touchscreen option
2019/01/28 Embedded World 2019 Invitation
2019/01/03 Winmate obtains the latest Medical Device Quality Management Systems Standard
2018/12/11 The new M101P-ME, a Medically Certified 10.1-inch Rugged Tablet
2018/10/17 Modularized Design M-Series HMI featuring Intel Kaby Lake processor
2018/10/05 Winmate Success Story – A reliable vehicle mounted solution for America’s freight railroad network
2018/09/18 Winmate Solutions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
2018/09/11 Winmate Military Solutions
2018/08/30 Android 7.0 Now Available on E500RM8, M700DM8, M101M8
2018/08/29 Winmate Mobile Solutions for Vehicle Diagnostics
2018/08/17 Winmate Solutions for Food and Beverage Industry
2018/08/14 Automechanika Frankfurt 2018 Invitation
2018/08/10 Winmate Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanner
2018/08/07 M101BK on RuggedPC Review




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